Tropical fish and aquarium

The hobby of aquarium keeping and tropic fish as pets is fairly recent in the Western World, and took a while to catch on. The keeping of fish in small indoor tanks was only seriously considered in the middle of the last century, when both in Britain and the rest of Europe a considerable interest in the subject developed…

What You Need to Know Before Keeping Discus Fish

With a compressed rounded body shape and gorgeous colors of green, red, brown and blue, (There are 4 ‘real’ discus variants, with their own Latin name. The rest of the color variants are captive bred and the list of these color variants is nearly endless. They have exotic names like, ‘White Diamond’, ‘Blue Diamond’ ‘Snake Skin’, etc… ) discus fish are among the most popular aquarium freshwater fish in the world. Native from the Amazon River, Wild caught discus fish first started to appeared in the 1920s, discus fish are spread all over the world being part of true industries in Asia, for instance. When they reach adulthood, discus fish are no bigger than eight to ten inches and they make great pets, bringing an excellent array of lively color to your house. Make sure you know everything about the needs of this fish breed before even thinking about keeping them, though discus fish are not very fragile, they still require a lot of care.

Discus Information

The Discus or Discus Fish originates from slow moving, soft, acidic waters of wood and leaves in the Amazon basin.  They are sometimes called the King of Aquarium fish.  They require very clean water, so they aren't recommended as a beginner fish.  There are two main species:

  • Symphysodon aequifasciatus, which includes Aequifasciatus (Green Discus), Axelrodi (Brown Discus) and Haraldi (Blue Discus)
  • Symphysodon Discus, which includes Discus (True Discus or Heckel Discus) and Willischwartzi.  These are more difficult fish to maintain.

The Discus has dorsal and anal fins that run together into the caudal fin accentuating their thin circular profile.  The originating wild versions have dark horizontal banding.  There are usually two predominant colors in intricate woven patterns.  Discus have been bred in captivity to produce a wide variation in brilliant colors with names such as cobalt blue, turquoise, red dragon, pigeon blood, royal, marlboro red, snakeskin, ocean green, red-turquoise and blue diamond.  Some show varieties command exorbitant prices.

Keeping Discus Fish & Breeding Discus Fish

The last few years have seen more and more being written about keeping discus fish than most other fish species. Anyone who is thinking about keeping discus fish in their home aquarium should of course get all the information they need before actually buying any of them. They are thought of as royal fish, they are native to the warm and calm Amazon waters that charm through their behavior. Keeping discus fish does require a bit of knowledge on their background, about what to offer to make such pets happy and also what to expect from them. Discus fish are considered fish of changing habits that manifest personality.

Jenis-Jenis Ikan Discus

Angel Blue Diamond

Cara Mudah Merawat Diskus (Discus)

Memelihara diskus ? diskus kan sulit perawatannya !. Banyak para pencinta ikan hias terutama yang ingin mulai memelihara jenis ikan ini mengatakan hal demikian. Padahal tidak sulit dalam memeliharanya, pemeliharaan ikan ini sama halnya dengan memelihara ikan hias pada umumnya. Tidak membutuhkan keahlian khusus dan perawatannya terbilang mudah. Yang perlu kita ketahui adalah bagaimana dan dalam kondisi bagaimana diskus itu bisa hidup dan apa saja yang perlu kita ketahui untuk memulai memelihara ikan ini.